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Client Testimonials

“I have been a stay-at-home mom and military wife throughout the duration of my five year marriage. I sacrificed my personal financial security in order to serve the needs of our family. When my husband and I separated I felt very scared and alone. I reached out to our counties’ local legal aid office for help and was accepted as a client by Stephanie Salb. She and her staff have been wonderful, instilling confidence and peace of mind throughout the process of divorce. It takes a special person indeed to help others and I shall never forget her kindness.”


“Legal matters with children involved can be a very sensitive matter. BEFORE hiring Stephanie Salb, I had retained an attorney that only had a paycheck on his mind. He misfiled my paperwork and held me up in court for an extremely long time. When I met Stephanie, she had to build a case with me from scratch as well as clean up a previous mess. She did so with a great passion for not only me but most importantly my child! She is extremely knowledgeable of family law and is an advocate for what’s best for children.I cannot write a review without acknowledging Andrea, who assists Stephanie Salb. She has patience and great knowledge also. She is always there to help and I have always received an answer to my questions in a timely fashion. I was updated often on my case and I never had to worry about whether things were being taken care of. They honestly are a dynamic duo. Thank you for everything



“Stephanie expertly handled my divorce back in 2009. She and her very capable paralegal, Andrea, were responsive and effective in helping me obtain a positive outcome. I have since had to retain Stephanie again to compel my ex to pay child support. Both she and Andrea have been diligent in their efforts to produce a desired result. Her rates are fair and she always provides excellent documentation of hours spent working on my behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie to anyone in need of legal assistance.”


“Stephanie took over where my “other” attorney was just getting ready to rip me off! She saw right away the issues the “other” attorney was creating for me that would have taken the last of my hard earned monies. She was honest, affordable, and understood my needs and the needs of my family.”

A Divorce Client

“Stephanie Sale became my Divorce Attorney after three years of being separated from my ex. Her genuine interest in my case was amazing as I had been dealing with a man that had a “sense of entitlement”. Her knowledge, passion and attentiveness assured me that I had nothing to fear going through, what was chalking up to, be a potential war. The drive she had simply astonished me and all of my calls and questions were promptly answered. She and her fantastic staff, Andrea, worked diligently and my outcome was exactly what I wanted and done in a timely manner. I, again, obtained her services through a contempt that was also handled with precision.

I HIGHLY recommend hiring this EXTREMELY talented Divorce Attorney!!Thank you and thank you, again



“Stephanie Salb did an excellent job with my case and is still continuing to look out for me. Her communication with me was excellent and I did not have to worry if she would contact me. She knows what she is doing and has the experience to show. She won’t back down to a challenge and does not give up. I would and already have recommended her for others with custody issues. So thankful she’s on my side.”


“We would never use a different attorney. She has represented us twice over the last 6 years. She made choices on our behalf that put her own neck on the line because it was the right thing to do. She has integrity, and she never advised us in order to take the most expensive route. This fact was proven repeatedly to us throughout our case, and we feel certain that her prudent, wise and cautious approach is what won us this case.”


“Let me tell you something, if you need to get a divorce don’t try to go about it on your own. I cannot tell you how much anxiety and stress was washed away the moment that Stephanie agreed to take my case. I finally had someone who handled all the communication. I did not have to do anything other than what she told me I had to do. No longer did I have to speak to my soon to be ex or be put in a position to be treated poorly by him ever again.I had no children with him so that was not a factor in my divorce, but what I did have was a home he was bound and determined to take, even threatening to steal my dog (I’m not even kidding). It was a pretty horrible situation. When I handed my documents over to her and my timeline of events, she took it from there. Her rate was so affordable I could not believe she did all that she did for the amount she charged me. At the time I had some serious health issues and had been layed off.

This was in 2009 around the time when the economy tanked. Talk about a stressful time! Stephanie and her legal assistant were so sweet and patient with all my questions and guided me through what could have been much more stressful than it was. Stephanie basically held my hand the whole way up to mediation and to the day when I stood before the judge, raised my right hand and verified I wanted the divorce. That day, totally unplanned, happened to fall on my birthday. What a great gift that was! Btw, Stephanie was fantastic during mediation. She was instrumental in getting the dispute I had with my ex over property resolved and just as important I got custody of my dog 😉 Thank you Stephanie for restoring peace back into my life during one of the most stressful times of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without you


A Divorce Client

“I employed Attorney Salb a few years ago and she was very diligent, kind, hard working and honest in her representation. She never gave me “false hopes” or made promises she couldn’t keep. In the end, we won our case and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a “no-nonsense” attorney.”

A Child Custody Client

“Ms. Salb represented me in a very difficult, three-year long divorce. She worked hard for me, is extremely professional, responsive, and fair in her billing practices. Ms. Salb has a fantastic working relationship with judges and mediators, which earns her a great deal of respect in the courtroom. I would recommend her to anyone who needs sound representation and a partner through their legal situation. She is caring, accommodating (to an appropriate degree), and – very important – realistic in her approach to the law. She isn’t trying to screw anyone over, least of all her own clients, but is a fair-minded, reasonable person. She will give it to you straight, and she will fight for you. She really is a fantastic attorney! Highly recommend her.”

A Divorce Client

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