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My Experience

Helping people in crisis has been a calling for me for my entire career and family law lends itself to numerous opportunities to assist clients who feel their lives are falling apart. I have received numerous compliments and accolades over the years. I had grandparents for whom I won a contested adoption trial tell me that they are sure their son would have wound up dead if I had not been able to win their adoption case (Gwinnett County, 2001).

In another custody case, I represented a father who brought an emergency custody action against an out-of-state mother whose spouse had raped the parties’ daughter. The law for bringing the action in Georgia was not squarely on my side and it was a complicated interstate custody action. I had to convince a Georgia judge to grant emergency custody, as the only thing standing between the child going back into the rapist’s household was me.

Fortunately, the judge agreed with me and granted not only emergency custody but eventually sole custody to my client. The rapist was eventually indicted in his state.

I cannot state how many times people have told me that I helped save them or their children at a crucial, difficult time in their lives or that I was an answer to prayer.

– Stephanie Salb

Memberships & Associations

  • Atlanta Bar Association
  • Gwinnett County Bar Association
  • Georgia Court of Appeals
  • Georgia Supreme Court
  • United States Northern District of Georgia
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